German Shepherd Dog Request to buy: Looking for Dark "Reddish" Sable Puppies (id: 281686)

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German Shepherd Dog - Request to buy

Looking for Dark "Reddish" Sable Puppies

Sent by rafael1970

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Updated: Apr 04, 2020 11:23 PM (inserted 7 weeks ago) -> 224
We are looking to buy/adopt a puppy with a strong Czech bloodline with a strong head (Male or Female) from an AKC registered and active kennel/breeder. // We will be ready to receive the puppy after July 1, 2020. // Coat color: Dark Sable, preferable "Red" Sable - Short Hair // Purpose: The dog will be raised as a family/personal companion and protection dog. In addition, we are a relatively active family with 3 teenage boys. We enjoy fishing, hunting, running, boating. // Location: We are located in Minnesota, we live in a house with a large backyard, fenced, and nearby trails and parks. // Please include shipping costs (ground or air) in addition to the adoption fee and other costs. // Please contact me by email:


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