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Mascani Jackson - Dog: Mascani Jackson


Ciro 2011Ciro June 2011Ciro (2 years old)Ciro (2 years old)Ciro (2 years old)Ciro CiroCiroCiro 1er ExcellentCiroCiroCiroCiroCiro et sa coupeCiroCiro & compagnieCiroCiroCiro 3 weeksCiro 3 weeks oldPrimo bagnettoLupacchiottoCiroScotland 2009Harrow parkHarrow parkSleeping in my carLondon 2009Ciro & DinoCiro & DinoCiroCiro à la maisonCiroCiro in the parkCiro at PontoiseHarrowCiro stance in kitchenDans les champsCiro in stanceCiro & MaxCiro Mai 2015Ciro 2015Ciro printemps 2015Ciro Printemps 2015Ciro en mai 2015Ciro juin 2015Ciro Juin 2015Katia, Ciro & Mia a Dijon (Nov 2017)Peppe, Ciro & Mia a Autun (Nov 2017)Ciro & Mia (2017)Ciro & Mia en Auvergne (Sept 2017)Ciro, Mia & Peppe (Auvergne, Sept 2017)Ciro & Mia bebe' (2016)Katia & CiroSweet dreams Ciro!!!Ciro & Mia bebe' (2016)Ciro & Mia bebe' (2016)Ciro & Mia font dodo


How to Choose the Right Breed for You

How to Choose the Right Breed for You

So you have made the decision to get a dog. Perhaps you had a bad experience once before with a dog who you thought was cute or friendly, but then when you got him home he turned out to be a holy terror, and the whole thing turned into a nightmare. Even if you have never had such a bad experience, the fact remains that choosing a pet is a life-changing decision, and it is one that takes a lot of thought and research.

  • The American Bulldog

    When one thinks of the bulldog, the image that first comes to mind is probably that of the English Bulldog, with its squat build, round head and distinctive “face that only a mother could love.” But there is another kind of beloved breed of bulldog: bigger and more athletic, and ruggedly handsome where the English Bulldog is charmingly ugly. This is the American Bulldog, a breed that almost literally came back from the dead to become widely popular as both a working dog and a family pet.

  • The Belgian Malinios

    The Belgian Malinios is also known as the Belgian Shepherd. However, despite its superficial resemblance to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinios is actually a type of sheep dog. Weighing in at 60 to 80 pounds when fully grown, and measuring between 22 and 26 inches in height, the Malinios is classified as a medium-sized working dog.


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